He has 19 stars, he is head of one of the worlds most renowned luxury restaurant empires. His name is Alain Ducasse. A la table mes amis!

Alain Ducasse was born in Orthez in southwestern France and was educated in Castel- Sarrazin. He started his restaurant career at age 16, with an apprenticeship at the Pavillon Landais and studies at the hotel and restaurant school in Bordeaux.
In 1977 he got a job as an assistant to the legendary Chef Roger Vergé at the Moulin de Mougins in Mougins, near Cannes. It was also here he first came into contact with the Provencal cooking, that ever since has been his trademark.

Ducasse´s first job as chef was at the restaurant L’ amandier in Mougins 1980 and a year later, he became head chef at La Terrasse at the Hotel Juana in Juan-les -Pins. The restaurant received two Michelin stars in 1984. After that, he became head chef at the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo Monaco. In 1996, he received three Michelin stars for the restaurant Le Parc in Paris just 8 months after it opened.
Alain Ducasse became the world’s first chef who owned restaurants with three Michelin stars in three different cities, and the first with 21 stars in total.
Mr. Ducasse has many restaurants, including; Adour and Benoit in New York and Washington DC, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London, Tan and Benoit in Tokyo, Mix in Las Vegas, La Bastide de Moustier in Provence, 59 Poincaré, Aux Lyonnais, Benoit and La Cour Jardin in Paris.

The jewel in his restaurant empire is Le Louis XV in Monaco. The three star restaurant is located in Hôtel de Paris. When Le Louis XV opened in 1987, Alain Ducasse’s contract stated that he within four years would manage to receive three stars in the Michelin guide, which he did.

The palace-like dining room is sumptuous to say the least, with its extravagance of gold, crystal chandeliers and paintings. The beautiful terrace has front-row-view of the Place du Casino where luxury cars and people circulate in an eternal carousel.
The 140 square meters kitchen has plenty of room for the 22 chefs.
There is also a mini-dining room where Alain Ducasse receives guests and friends. The wine cellar houses more than 400 000 bottles with 950 wines. There are 18 different mineral waters to choose from, 20 different types of bread including bacon bread, walnut bread, fig bread, rye bread, raisin bread, French baguettes and olive oil bread as well as the champagne and cheese cart offered at the table.
Each guest has 40 waiters, and uses more than 50 parts of china, glassware and cutlery. The Mediterranean inspired menu varies depending on season, with emphasis on game and white and black truffles in the fall and artichoke and asparagus at springtime.

It is indeed a memorable experience to dine here, the environment succeeds both in being incredibly grand and intimate at the same time, the food is divine and serving a well choreographed show.

Le Louis XV has been called “The most luxurious restaurant in the world” for a good reason- it delivers night after night.
Sorry, but after eating here, your old favorite restaurant will never look the same…